Down to the Wire Deal Keeps Government Open and Cablers Reporting

By Chris Ariens 

Around 10:30, the cable networks began reporting on a deal to keep the government running. The husband and wife CNN team of  John King and Dana Bash broke the news during “Anderson Cooper 360.” Bash even turned up on Fox News around 10:15 during Greta Van Susteren’s show and again around 10:45 as Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling interviewed Karl Rove, as networks kept cameras trained on the House side. Van Susteren and Bolling are anchoring for their respective Fox networks until Midnight, as will Cooper on CNN.

MSNBC, which normally runs Lockup at 10pm and 11pmET on Friday nights, is live with coverage from Chris Hayes, filling in for Ed Schultz at 10pm and Lawrence O’Donnell at 11pm.

Earlier in the evening, Wolf Blitzer filled in for Piers Morgan at 9pm to continue CNN’s coverage. Bloomberg TV has also been doing cut-ins all night with correspondent Lizzie O’Leary.


CNN’s Bash got out of the shot just in time for Rep. John Boehner to arrive at 10:53pmET announcing a deal had been struck on a continuing resolution and ultimately a final deal.

> Update: Pres. Obama spoke at 11:04pmET. Because Obama’s remarks occurred during the late local news in the Eastern and Central Time Zones the networks left it to the local stations to carry the statement. But at least one network correspondent, CBS’s Chip Reid did a Q&A with WCBS in New York.

> Update: At MidnightET Fox News with Bret Baier and MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell continued live. CNN re-aired the 11pm hour of AC360.