Don’t Mention Roger Ailes On Red Eye

By Brian 

A funny moment on Red Eye early this morning:

At the end of the show, the regular segment with Greg Gutfeld‘s mom got interesting when she said: “Another thing I thought was kind of sad, who made that remark, oh Ailes, Roger Ailes, made a slight remark –“

At that point, Gutfeld cut her off — “No, mom, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton” — and the other guests started shouting over her to change the subject. “Let’s talk about Donald Trump,” Gutfeld’s mother wisely said.

“I’ve gotta go see Mr. Ailes,” Gutfeld said at the end of the segment. “Have I got you fired yet?,” his mother asks. “You’re working on it,” he replied…

> Also: “The RedEye name is at the heart of a pending trademark infringement case the paper’s parent, Tribune Co.’s Chicago Tribune Co., has brought against Fox News Channel… Closing arguments were heard last week in federal court,” today’s Chicago Tribune notes…