Don’t Let The Facts… (you know the rest)

By Chris Ariens 

Multichannel NewsSteve Donohue likes the segment, but has a problem with the facts. Donohue writes “we dig Keith Olbermann‘s daily Worst Person in The World segment, which closes his 8 p.m. program on MSNBC. Since NBC News fired Don Imus in April, it’s the best thing going on MSNBC.”

But Donohue questions the facts of last Friday’s installment (click continued below to see it) in which Olbermann said, “Alexis Glick, Liz Claman and Neil Cavuto — the heart of a Fox Business machine being watched by literally dozens of investors — each of them dropped by NBC and CNBC.” Donohue did some digging and found:

• In 1996 Cavuto “jumped ship to Fox [News Channel]”


• Claman left CNBC this summer and joined FBN “after a three-month non-compete clause expired.”

• “The facts surrounding Glick’s departure from NBC News last year are fuzzier…was she canned? No. The best way to put it would be to borrow a term from Variety’s slanguage dictionary &mdash she ankled the place.”