Don’t Expect to See Bob Costas Hosting NBC’s 2032 Olympics

By Chris Ariens 

Adweek’s Tim Baysinger talked with NBC’s Bob Costas for our annual sports issue. Costas, who will be hosting his 11th Olympics for NBC, has precautions in place for Zika, pink eye, or anything else that might come his way. As for his future as lead man for NBC Olympics:

Adweek: Do you have an idea of how many more Olympics you want to be a part of?

Costas: I’m just taking it on a case-by-case basis. We’ll see what happens after this one. NBC has been nice enough to let me and the public know that it’s up to me. I can stay as long as I like, as long as I can still do the job. I’ll make that decision and it will come before anybody has to push me out the door. When I step aside, I’ll still be able to do the job. It will just be because I feel like I’ve had a long enough run and it’s time to do it.


Adweek: NBC has Olympics through 2032. Given how fast the media landscape can change, what do you think that coverage will look like?

Costas: Whatever it looks like, I’ll be viewing it from a Barcalounger, I can tell you that. Here’s what it doesn’t look like: “Hello everyone, I’m Bob Costas and welcome to the 2032 Olympics from Antarctica or Saturn.” Whatever it is, it doesn’t include me.