Donny Deutsch’s “Triple-Digit Viewership” Doesn’t Last A Full Week

By Brian 

CNBC’s Big Idea with Donny Deutsch “has flown under the ratings radar since its January debut — but last week reached the triple-digit viewership mark for the first time,” Michael Starr wrote in today’s NY Post. “‘Big Idea’ averaged 127,000 viewers last Monday through Thursday, way above its 70,000-and- change season-to-date nightly average.”

But industry insiders are laughing about the item after seeing Friday night’s ratings. Deutsch returned to scratch territory, as The Big Idea was CNBC’s lowest-rated show of the day. It averaged just 44,000 viewers, and a meager 18,000 in the 25-54 demo — losing nearly half of Dennis Miller’s lead-in audience.

> Update: 5:05pm: “One of the reasons why Donny Deutsch’s ratings for Friday’s show might have been low is because it was a repeat, unlike the Mon-Thurs shows which were new (and quite good BTW),” an e-mailer says.