Donny Deutsch “Wanted To Kick My Ass On National Television,” Bernie Goldberg Says

By Brian 

Is producer Marilyn Cutler resigning from CNBC? When Bernie Goldberg taped an appearance on Donny Deutsch‘s CNBC show on Tuesday night, he felt ambushed: “It was the most cynical, dishonest thing I have ever been lassoed into. They misled me,” he told the Washington Times.

During Goldberg’s appearance, “unbeknownst to me, they brought on a panel of five, plus Donny, all of whom took the other side. And it’s not like they just respectfully disagreed; there was name-calling, ganging up; it was unbelievable. And not one of them even read the book. They admitted it,” he asserts.

So Goldberg told Cutler that she should be ashamed. And “a short time later, she called back, crying like a baby,” the right-wing author recalls. “She said, ‘I am resigning.’ And I told her, ‘You should resign.’ It was one big setup. And they used her to get me into it. They wanted to kick my [expletive] on national television — six people, all basically calling me an idiot.”

The Times has details. O’Reilly discussed the incident on Thursday’s Factor…