Donald Trump’s Now Feuding With … Mika Brzezinski

By Mark Joyella 

A day after Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton delivered a speech dissecting Donald Trump‘s fitness for office, Trump spent time Friday morning firing off messages on Twitter, attacking Clinton (“she made up things that I said or believe”), protesters who engaged in violence outside a Trump rally in San Jose Thursday night (“small group of thugs”)–and MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“I don’t watch or do Morning Joe anymore,” Trump said. “Small audience, low ratings!” Then the presumptive GOP nominee focused on Brzezinski. “I hear Mika has gone wild with hate.”

While Trump insists he doesn’t watch, what could Brzezinski have said to set Trump off? On Morning Joe Friday, Brzezinski said of Paul Ryan who endorsed Trump yesterday, “You sold out. You just sold out.”


In another segment Friday, Brzezinski described Hillary Clinton’s blistering foreign policy speech attacking Trump as “presidential,” and said Clinton had hit Trump in a way no other candidate had been able to do in the 2016 campaign. “I watched that speech, I sat up straight, and I thought it was incredible … it was the most devastating attack on Trump that we have seen so far.”

Has she “gone wild with hate”? Have a look: