Donald Trump Makes His 133rd Appearance on Fox Tonight

By Chris Ariens 

Since May, Donald Trump has been on Fox News and Fox Business Network 132 times. Tonight, he’ll make it 133, in a previously-scheduled interview with Bill O’Reilly. The Trump chat comes as the GOP front-runner ramped up his feud with the leading news network last night saying Fox News press tactics led him to drop out of tomorrow’s debate.

“I don’t know what games [Fox News chairman] Roger Ailes is playing,” Trump said at a news conference in Iowa. “With me, they’re dealing with somebody that’s a little bit different. They can’t toy with me like they toy with everybody else.” Trump was reacting to this sarcastic press statement Fox sent earlier in the day.

Trump is well aware of the reach of Fox News Channel. In August, a few days after he began a tirade against Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump told The Hollywood Reporter’s Janice Min that “Fox is very important” for a Republican candidate to win the nomination. But, long the leader in the polls, he feels he now has the upper hand. There will be several factors over the next several days that will determine whether he does, including, the debate ratings (Friday), the results of the Iowa Caucus (Monday), and what he says to Bill O’Reilly tonight. On this last point, Fox News comes out ahead.

Fox News also confirmed this afternoon they will not show an empty podium during the debate.