Donald Trump: John Harwood’s Career Is ‘Probably Ruined’

By Chris Ariens 

While he hasn’t been shy about his criticism of the early GOP debates, Donald Trump has been relatively quiet about last week’s CNBC debate. Until now.

The night of the CNBC broadcast Trump said he “had a lot of fun.” But this morning the GOP candidate for president unloaded on CNBC’s John Harwood, who was a co-moderator of the third GOP debate.

At a press conference for his new book Crippled America, carried by all the news networks, Trump was asked about the debates, saying “debating is a good thing…it’s healthy,” then adding, “but you don’t want people like Harwood that read a question, bah, bah, bah, that he carefully wrote–his career, in my opinion his career is probably ruined or certainly threatened.”

About 10 minutes later, Trump added, “I think Becky Quick is a terrific person. I think Carl [Quintanilla] is terrific but I will tell you, John Harwood was a disgrace to CNBC.”

Trump is also meeting at NBC today, to begin preparations for his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend. “I’m not too nervous. But we’ll do a good job and we’ll have a fantastic show. We’ll have a lot of fun.”

Just like that CNBC debate.