Donald Trump Is Still Looking for an Apology From ABC

By Chris Ariens 

For the second time in 20 hours, Pres. Trump has angled for an apology from Disney boss Bob Iger.

In a tweet this morning, Trump called out ABC’s former chief investigative reporter Brian Ross who was suspended late last year, then re-assigned for his shoddy reporting on the Russia investigation.

On Dec. 2, Ross reported that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn “is prepared to testify that Pres. Trump–as a candidate, Donald Trump–ordered him, directed him to make contact with the Russians, which contradicts all that Donald Trump has said at this point.”


“We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error we made,” an ABC News spokesperson said in a statement the following day.

So, technically, the network has apologized, but not enough for Trump:

Yesterday, in his first comment about ABC’s decision to cancel Roseanne, Trump lamented that Iger never called him to apologize: