Here’s How the News Networks Are Covering Both Trump Legal Cases

By Mark Mwachiro 

MSNBC's SCOTUS Trump Trial Coverage

It’s a double dose of Donald Trump courtroom coverage as two cases involving the former president are being heard on Thursday.

After a one-day break, Trump’s hush money criminal trial resumed at the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City with additional testimony from David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Trump’s claims presidential immunity from criminal prosecution in Washington, D.C. Unlike the hush money trial, audio from inside the Supreme Court is being made available for broadcasters to use.

Two big cases happening almost simultaneously presents a coverage deployment conundrum for the big news outlets. Here’s how the different networks are keeping tabs on both courtrooms.


ABC News Live

  • ABC’s streaming channel is providing special SCOTUS coverage—titled Power of the Presidency?—and will pick back up with hush money trial coverage once the Washington, D.C. hearings are done.

CBS News 24/7

  • Nancy Cordes anchors the CBS streamer’s live SCOTUS coverage, which also includes reporting from Jan Crawford, Rob Legare, and contributor David Becker. Back in New York, Errol Barnett leads hush money trial coverage.


  • CNN split the difference between coverage by literally splitting the screen between both trials from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Half of the screen featured SCOTUS coverage, while the other half covered the hush money case. Jake TapperDana Bash, Abby Phillip, John King, Laura Coates and Elie Honig broke down the latest in both trials out of Washington, D.C.
  • Meanwhile, Kaitlan Collins, Paula Reid and Kasie Hunt provided updates from outside the Supreme Court, while Anderson Cooper, Karen Agnifilo and Kara Scannell did the same in New York.

Fox News

  • Fox News Sunday anchor Shannon Bream and correspondent David Spunt are on the scene outside of the Supreme Court, while correspondent Eric Shawn is providing live reports from New York.
  • Analysis of both cases is being provided throughout the day by a legal panel made up of Jonathan Turley, Andy McCarthy, Karl Rove and Fox News legal editor Kerri Kupec Urbahn.


  • Ana Cabrera and José Díaz-Balart led special coverage both trials starting at 10 a.m., continuing at 1 p.m. with the trio of Andrea Mitchell, Chris Jansing and Katy Tur. MSNBC will use virtual reality technology during its SCOTUS coverage to create a courtroom display featuring the likenesses of the justices and other participants.
  • Rachel Maddow anchors special primetime coverage starting at 8 p.m. alongside Nicole Wallace, Ari Melber, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Katie Phang.

NBC News and NBC News Now

  • Laura Jarrett and Lawrence Hurley are covering the SCOTUS case from the courtroom, with Ken Dilanian, Shaquille Brewster, Ryan Reilly, Yamiche Alcindor, Phang, Summer Concepcion and Alexandra Marquez providing additional coverage across the network.
  • Hallie Jackson anchored NBC News Now’s special coverage, Supreme Court Hearing: Trump Immunity, from 10am-Noon with live updates from the hearing. pitched in with a live blog covering breaking news and analysis. The first half-hour of Jackson’s 5 p.m. show Hallie Jackson Now looks back at the major developments in both cases.


  • Washington correspondents Kellie Meyer and Tom Dempsey will report on the SCOTUS proceedings throughout the day, while national correspondent Caitlyn Becker provides live coverage of the hush money trial from New York.

Scripps News

  • Joe St. George leads the network’s SCOTUS coverage with the input of guests like constitutional attorney Jeff Lewis and Carolyn Shapiro, the founder and co-director of Chicago-Kent’s Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States (ISCOTUS).
  • Alex Miller leads hush money trial coverage from New York with additional analysis from criminal defense attorney David Katz.  from the New York City courthouse. Recap coverage will air as part of Scripps’ weeknight show, Trump on Trial, anchored by Chris Nguyen and featuring Miller and Ava-joye Burnett.