Don Lemon Compares Cable News to ‘The Price is Right’

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s Don Lemon, whose contract is up next year, is kind of down on cable news. In a profile in Creative Loafing Atlanta, Lemon talks at length about his experience and tensions with CNN, at one point comparing the current state of cable news to a game show: “If I want to watch ‘The Price is Right,’ I’ll watch ‘The Price is Right.'”

Reporter Wyatt Williams spent a good deal of time with Lemon, at his home, for lunch at a neighborhood hangout, and at CNN Center.

Lemon checks his Twitter feed on his iPhone and shows me a message from a viewer that reads, “Why are all of the black anchors on the weekend?” When I ask him what he thinks about that, he just shrugs his shoulders. Later, at a photo shoot for this story, I ask him if he knows why T.J. Holmes decided to leave CNN for BET. He shrugs his shoulders again at that question, “I think he probably wanted something more than weekends.” After considering it a bit longer, he says, “If we complain about it, we’re malcontents but if you don’t how do you sleep at night?”


(Photo: Jeoff Davis)