Dog Daze at ABC. Network Bypasses Viewers, Says Best Companion Pooch is Producer’s

By Chris Ariens 

ABC News correspondent Nick Watt had a piece on “World News” the other night — which was repeated on “World News Now” and dozens of local ABC stations across the country — pegged to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The idea was to get viewers to send in pictures of their own dogs and instead of declaring a “best in show,” Watt would decide which dog is “best in life.” Watt says he got hundreds of pictures from viewers, so it’s curious that the winning dog in the Best Companion category belonged to an ABC News producer.

A TVNewser reader tipped us off about this, so we asked ABC News about it. Here’s the response we got:

“Your question gives us paws and ABC’s spokesdog responds, to quote a famous canine named Scoobie, “Ruh-roh!” Seems that the final picture in the piece was of a dog and a NewsOne producer’s daughter. It’s a doggone shame that we didn’t say so — our tail’s between our legs.”

Other awards like “Most Talented” “Look-a-like” and “Best Athlete” did go to viewers’ dogs. Watch the story after the jump…