Documentary Short Winner to Deliver Uninterrupted Oscar Speech on ‘Larry King’

By kevin 

Documentary filmmaker Roger Ross Williams, better known as the guy who got interrupted by that colorful woman at last evening’s Academy Awards, will be delivering his full acceptance speech tonight in an exclusive with CNN’s “Larry King Live” at 9pmET.

Last night, Williams, who won the Best Documentary Short Academy Award for “Music by Prudence,” was partway into his speech when the film’s co-producer, Elinor Burkett, seemingly barged onto the stage and delivered her own speech.

If you found that moment to be a little awkward, wait until you hear the rest of the story. interviewed the two and it turns out they’ve had a long feud since Burkett left the project over creative differences almost a year ago.


Burkett claims Williams’ 87-year-old mother blocked her path with a cane last night. Williams said he “just expected [Burkett] to stand there. I had a speech prepared.”

Update: TVNewser has just learned that Burkett is appearing for an exclusive on Joy Behar’s HLN program tomorrow night at 9pmET to tell her side. This should be good…