Dobbs Bullying CNN Correspondents?

By Brian 

Lou Dobbs needs to be called out on his constant bullying of CNN correspondents as he opines on issues and bullies the ‘straight’ reporters into giving an opinion that is in line with his,” an e-mailer thinks.

Here’s an example with correspondent Andrea Koppel last Thursday. Dobbs was stunned that lawmakers weren’t reading the immigration bill before voting on it. He said:

  DOBBS: You know, I don’t care what side of this debate anyone in this country — any citizen is on. People have to be aghast that senators, U.S. senators would not even read the legislation that they are moving forward to a vote.

It’s extraordinary. You may be somewhat inured to it covering the Hill, Andrea, but the rest of us are a little bit shocked by that behavior and conduct.

Andrea, thank you very much.

Andrea Koppel, as she sits there not saying a word.


The e-mailer thinks the correspondents should “only submit pre-taped reports…”