Dietl, Or Daniels, In MSNBC Primetime?

By Brian 

Following up on this post:

> “If you dig deeper about the Dietl and Daniels story, you will find that Dietl has said that Kaplan offered him a primetime show only as a way to get back at Kaplan for cancelling it, by trying to pit the workers against Kaplan,” an e-mailer says.

> “I assure you that Dietl isn’t the one getting the primetime show,” another e-mailer asserts. “Lisa Daniels is getting the primetime show. That’s the word at MSNBC…and I hear it from good sources.”

> Dietl & Daniels averaged only 124,000 viewers on Friday.

> “Bo Dietl turned up as a guest on Cavuto’s FNC show today, plugging his book,” this commenter notes.