Did Nancy Grace “Muddy Her Myth?”

By Brian 

> Update: 3:55am: “Doesn’t this seem to be petty, even beneath the Observer?,” an anonymous e-mailer asks. “Can anyone honestly say that these are ‘salient’ details? Who cares how old the killer was or how long the jury deliberations were? There seem to be no contradictions here worth a full media story 25 years later.” I disagree — I hope Grace gets the facts right on her nightly broadcasts…

The industry is buzzing about Rebecca Dana‘s story in today’s Observer:

“Every crime-fighting superhero has a creation story. Nancy Grace, the prosecutor turned breakout star at CNN Headline News, has a particularly moving one.”

We all know the story: Grace’s fiancee was attacked, robbed and killed by a random stranger in the summer of 1980.

“Because of what happened in Georgia, Ms. Grace has said over and over, she knows firsthand how the system favors hardened criminals over victims. It is the foundation of her judicial philosophy, her motivation in life, her casus belli.” But “much of it isn’t true.” A must-read…