Did CNN Just Show a Cow Giving Birth? Yes.

By kevin 

TVNewser was (past tense) eating our lunch, when we looked over and noticed a cow giving birth on CNN. Apparently, while doing a story about the economy and dairy farms, CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick was approached by a local farmer to help deliver a calf, as though this were the plot of “City Slickers.” CNN put the story together in a Friday “Back Story” segment about what goes on behind the scenes in the field.

Here’s a snapshot.

We’ve posted the full video after the jump along with a kinda hilarious rushed transcript from the segment.


So the cow is less than two years old and now giving birth but it is having trouble pushing it out so the farmer has gone to get some chains. totally relaxed. he does this a couple of times a week.

Now to sneak up on her without her getting up. Come on. Now, we can push.

Is it stuck in there?

Yeah. it will come.

You just need a good push.

I need — I need Steve to come over and give me a hand.

I’ll give you a hand. I’m going to do this.

You want to do this? You are going to get dirty.

All right. What do I do?

Going to pull on this.

Both of them?

Pull on this and I will pull on the other. You want to get down low.

Am I not helping you.



I can see the nose. Oh, my god, that’s the tongue.

Are we going the right direction?

Yeah. Perfect. There you go.

That is the hardest part right there.

Steady pressure.

She is going to push and help you.

Trying to get all this stuff out of her nose.

Oh, there she comes.

Move that way a little bit.


There you go.

Oh, my gosh.


Oh, my gosh. I gave birth to a cow.