Diane Sawyer’s ‘World News’ Move More Write-Ups

By Chris Ariens 

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• The NY Times Week in Review: “It’s an odd bit of a role reversal: Ms. Couric is a morning-show natural who had to tone down her peppy cadence and casual style to suit the formality of evening news programs, while Ms. Sawyer, born to be an evening anchor, spent much of her career twisting her natural elegance into the shape of slap-happy morning television. And Mr. Williams, who ascended to the position of NBC anchor on the shoulders of an old boys’ club, now has to reposition himself as a member of a persecuted minority, the white male anchorman.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “If anything, Ms. Sawyer’s promotion is just the maturation of a process that began years ago, when baby boomer women began entering television in larger numbers, and now, by virtue of age and changing public mores, are reaping the benefits.”

Examiner.com (in the Real Cougar Lifestyle section: “…as she joins NBC’s Brian Williams and CBS’ Katie Couric in the top echelon of broadcast news, Sawyer faces the challenge of making her mark in a genre that has been in a steady decline. If anyone can turn that around Diane can.”

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