Derek Medina Promoted to Executive Vice President of ABC News

By A.J. Katz 

Happy news on the TV news staffing front: ABC News’ Derek Medina has been promoted to executive vice president of ABC News.

In a staff memo sent out by ABC News president James Goldston, Medina, a 22-year veteran of ABC, will help Goldston run the business, “and will manage our operational efforts and growth strategies and work with me and all our leaders on advancing the culture.”

In his new role, Medina will oversee ABC News’ operations, business affairs, marketing, news practices, news administration, audio, insights and NewsOne teams.


Since 2008, Medina has served as svp for business affairs, rights and clearances, archives and video sales, leading a team of more than 20 people.

Medina started his career at ABC News in 1998 as a director for business affairs and steadily moved up the ranks, adding greater oversight and responsibilities to his portfolio.

“I feel incredibly humbled and honored to have this opportunity to serve the organization in this role,” Medina said on a staff call this morning. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside so many wonderful colleagues for the past 22 years. The work that you do, all of you, makes me profoundly proud. … I’m thrilled to continue to learn from each of you, to continue to stay focused on the content and how our employees are doing, feeling and progressing while doing the work that they love so much. It’s incredibly important to our future, and I plan to take it on with an incredible amount of passion and joy.”

Goldston adds in his staff memo:

Derek cares deeply about ABC News and the people who work here. He’s mentored dozens of people across the organization, and he’s been a trusted advisor to me and many of our senior leaders, who count on Derek for his considerable business acumen and personal counsel. Throughout his career Derek has demonstrated a deep understanding of the connection between transparency, workplace culture and business results. Working closely with colleagues across ABC News and Walt Disney Television, Derek will help ensure ABC News is a diverse, inclusive and world-class organization built for the future and that we continue to adhere to the very highest journalistic standards. Plus, he will be integral in our work to make the ABC News culture fair, just and welcoming to all.