Denton Ready For “Fun” Feud With O’Reilly

By SteveK 

Authorities have zeroed in on who they believe hacked Gov. Sarah Palin’s email account, and the 20-year-old (yes, 20-year-old) may soon be arrested. That should partially satisfy FNC’s Bill O’Reilly, who has been one of the most vocal in calling for the arrest of the “hackers and those who posted the emails” — so much so, it appears he has been hacked himself.

But Nick Denton is still doing just fine. The Gawker founder and editor, who O’Reilly suggested should be put “in cuffs,” weighed in on the matter.

Denton tells TVNewser, “The respectable American press has lived in fear of O’Reilly’s rage for far too long. In the blogs he’s finally met a medium as ranty as he is. I’m sure the conflict will be fun for both sides.”


“Fun”? We’ll see if O’Reilly has anything to say about it tonight or tomorrow on the Radio Factor.