David Shuster Returns to MSNBC

By Mark Joyella 

Is his “indefinite suspension” finally over? David Shuster made his return to MSNBC this morning, appearing on Morning Joe to talk about the campaign of Donald Trump, and the endorsement today by legendary coach Bobby Knight.

Introduced by Joe Scarborough as “award winning journalist and former news anchor David Shuster,” the Indiana native was booked to provide insight into Bobby Knight’s political power, saying that “in Indiana, (he) is a God.”

Shuster was “suspended indefinitely” by MSNBC six years ago, after the network discovered he had shot a pilot at CNN. That followed an incident on air in 2008, where Shuster made a comment about Chelsea Clinton that resulted in a two-week suspension.

“Wait, what year is this,” joked Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski this morning as Shuster was introduced as a guest.

Shuster joined Al Jazeera America in 2013. Shuster’s appearance on MSNBC is widely seen as a one-off, Scarborough did end the segment with “I love you, David Shuster.”