David Letterman ‘Can’t Stop Watching MSNBC’

By Chris Ariens 

Count former late night host David Letterman among the viewers who helped make MSNBC the No. 1 channel on cable TV (at least for one day this week).

On Howard Stern’s show Wednesday, Dave and Howard got to talking about politics and the coverage of it:

Letterman: I’ll tell you, I can’t stop watching MSNBC now.


Stern: Me neither. Rachel Maddow’s something, huh?

Letterman: Unbelievable.

Stern: Isn’t she fantastic?

Letterman: They’ve got a pretty good line-up and then Brian Williams at the end of the evening is fantastic.

Stern: He’s doing (inaudible) job.

Letterman: And Nicole Wallace. She’s great. Nicole Wallace could have an 11:30 show. You know, she’s fantastic.