David Brody Fires Back at Jim Acosta’s ‘The Fix is In’

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s Jim Acosta believes “the fix is in.” He said as much to Wolf Blitzer yesterday after, for the third consecutive news conference, Pres. Trump only called on media outlets perceived to be sympathetic to his goals.

As the president and Prime Minister Netanyahu left the podium at that news conference, Acosta shouted a question to Trump about any potential ties to Russia. The president didn’t answer.

One of those who was called on was David Brody the veteran White House reporter for CBN, which was founded by Pat Robertson, the former Southern Baptist minister and host of The 700 Club.


“I was fully aware that the mainstream media would go into meltdown mode when I was called on first,” Brody writes in his story headlined, “This Just In From CNN: More Fake News!”

“The fact that the president called on me and not on any of the traditional media outlets is really what is bothering all of them. They feel entitled to ask a question but the last time I checked, I only see the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. I don’t see the, ‘Mainstream Media Entitlement Clause’ inside.”

What Jim Acosta said on CNN Wednesday is insanely ridiculous (I used those words in a southern, ‘Bless your heart’ tone). Acosta’s beef may be with The White House and not necessarily outlets like CBN but to lump us in and attach that phrase to us is reckless, downright wrong and insulting. If the, “fix was in” then there would have been dialogue about how to ask the right question. There was never any of that.