Dateline Producer’s Request Isn’t Unethical Or Unusual, Police Chief Says

By Brian 

Following up on yesterday’s critical post about the request from Dateline producer Shane Bishop (left) for a death penalty waiver for a convicted criminal, an e-mailer points us back to the original Cox News Service story, which says:

“Bedford Police Chief David Flory, who said he was chief of detectives in the Fort Worth suburb at the time of the slayings” that Bishop wants to solve, “said he supports a waiver of the death penalty if it will draw a confession from Ronning.”

“It would not be unethical or unusual to do this,” Flory said of the requested guarantee. “There are all kinds of deals done all the time to solve crimes. There’s no issue of public safety here, just clearing these crimes…It’s about doing the right thing.” (Photo via NewsBusters)