Dateline NBC’s Harry Smith Is TV’s Go-To Guy for Weed

By Brian Flood 

Dateline NBC’s Harry Smith talking marijuana… again.

Six months after speaking with TVNewser about his CNBC show dedicated to cannabis, Smith will explore the potential lifesaving benefits of medicinal marijuana tonight at Dateline NBC at 7pmET.

“This is the third one-hour program about marijuana I’ve worked on in the last year and a half,” Smith said. “I have a feeling it won’t be the last.”

Growing Hope reveals three Virginia families that need marijuana to help their children who suffer from life threatening seizures. Smith’s six-month investigation documents the debate over legalization in Virginia and the stigma attached to marijuana.

He interviews these families as they embark on a mission to legalize CBD and THCA oils, compounds that come from the marijuana and hemp plants. This non-psychoactive strain of medicinal marijuana has shown promise in reducing chronic seizures.

Harry Smith“The Virginia families were basically told the legislature would never pass a bill related to marijuana. Their bill was an impossible task. Undaunted, they forged ahead,” Smith said. “It was humbling to spend time with the families whose children suffer with extreme epilepsy.  These parents are truly courageous people who will do anything to help their kids.”