Dana Perino Recalls Facing ‘Equal Opportunity’ Ed Henry

By Mark Joyella 

They’re all smiles now, but years ago, Dana Perino was the White House press secretary, and Ed Henry was covering the Bush Administration for CNN. It’s a relationship that can be, at times, testy.

Today on Fox News, Henry and Perino reflected on those adversarial days–and one particular comment Perino made at the time. “She called me an equal opportunity blank–I won’t use the word, I think it starts with an ‘a’, and it’s not a very nice word,” Henry told FNC’s Gretchen Carlson.

Henry has told the story before, once–in a milder form–to Bethesda Magazine:


Dana Perino once told [Fox News Chairman and CEO] Roger Ailes that every time The Washington Post or The New York Times ran a photo of her she looked really angry and it was because I had asked her a question. She called me an equal opportunity jerk. Roger laughed and laughed.