Dan Rather ‘Humbled’ by Robert Redford Playing Him in New Film

By Mark Joyella 

The story of Dan Rather‘s exit from CBS News is the subject of a new film, Truth, that stars Robert Redford as Rather. “Redford playing me makes me feel humble — which is not a word usually associated with anchors,” the former CBS Evening News anchor told the New York Post.

The film, which is set to open in October, tells the story of Rather’s infamous 2004 report on George W. Bush that alleged Bush’s father had pulled strings to keep his son in the National Guard in a bid to avoid service in Vietnam. Rather says the film pulls no punches:

“The nuanced, not preachy, script makes clear our report was true. Facts can’t be denied. But today it’s more about big corporations having big power than about truth. Bush was up for re-election. Sumner Redstone wanted him re-elected and would have his news division do what he wanted. What develops is the habit of pulling back, working from fear.”