Dan Marino's Top NFL Stories to Follow This Season

By Alex Weprin 

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino knows a thing or two about football. Now that he has made the move to the broadcast studio for CBS Sports, it is his job to follow the action on the field, rather than be a part of it.

We spoke to Marino earlier this week about what he thinks the top storylines will be during the 2010-2011 NFL season.

The Jets


“Since we are here in New York, everybody is making a big fuss about the Jets, how they have improved, and how they got to the AFC Championship game last year. Mark Sanchez might be the guy to take them to the next level, that is going to be a big story this year.”

Brett Favre

“The other thing, as always, Brett Favre coming back and playing, which I think is outstanding. Him being a grandfather and all, and going to be 41 years old, it is great for the league.”

A Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl?

“In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys are hosting the Super Bowl next year. That kind of new stadium Super Bowl puts a lot of pressure on them to get there, although they have a very talented team, so they can do it.”

Vince Young

“Look at Tennessee, and how well Vince Young played last year when he came back in. They have a lot of talent on that team too. He is going to be somebody that is under the radar a little bit, but is he going to be the guy that gets them to the playoffs? He has overcome a lot, because he came in with such high expectations then he sat on the bench for a while, now he is going to be a starter again, it is a good story.”