Dan Abrams Asks Anderson Cooper: What About Larry King & Nancy Grace?

By Brian 

Yesterday on The Abrams Report, Dan Abrams told Anderson Cooper 360 to “take a 360 yourself:”

  “The horse he is riding, well, it’s not exactly a thoroughbred. You see, before he starts attacking the other guys, he might want to consider an inter-office memo. Doesn’t Larry King work for CNN? I sure thought he did. And what about Nancy Grace? I guess not. Because if they did, I am certain he would have started his crusade by convincing CNN brass to stop them from regularly covering the story. He would fight to keep it off CNN’s morning show as well.

But at least Anderson’s show is only covering the most important of stories, right? I mean that sort of holier-than-thou attitude must come from a host devoting his precious hour exclusively to domestic policy initiatives and the threat of nuclear proliferation? I guess he is — if you consider the disappearance of the newlywed on a cruise ship in Turkey, women who love killers and the Jackson jurors the most important stories of the day. Those are just a few of the stories he covered this week.”

Abrams admits that the case is “just a fascinating criminal investigation,” adding that “many have come to feel for the Holloway family.” MSNBC.com’s Sidebar has the full essay…