Cuomo To GMA: A.M. Papers & Trades

By Brian 

> NYT: “Viewers may soon know much more about Chris Cuomo, who is married and has two children. He said the biggest adjustment he expected to make in the new job would be to reveal more of himself. ‘You have to be willing to give yourself to the audience,’ he said in a telephone interview, adding, ‘There’s an expectation of intimacy.’ Most important, he said, the audience needs to ‘understand that I really care what happens in their lives…'”

> LAT: “Cuomo is not directly replacing Gibson.” Senior EP Jim Murphy says: “We are not starting a new anchor configuration or a three-legged team…”

> B&C: “Murphy says GMA won’t be making other major changes to its program. ‘We’re not going to be exploding morning television or turning it on its head,’ he says…”

> Variety: “Cuomo appears to have beaten out Bill Weir, another prominent substitute on the show…”