Critics of CNN’s Hiring of Corey Lewandowski Not Letting Up

By Chris Ariens Comment

WaPo’s media columnist Margaret Sullivan, who until earlier this year was the New York Times Public Editor, is weighing in on CNN hiring former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as a political analyst. “Bringing Lewandowski onboard is an astonishing reward for behavior that should cause him to be shunned by respectable journalistic organizations,” Sullivan writes.

And those who have criticized the hire have focused on Lewandowski’s non-disclosure agreement, which apparently keeps him from uttering a negative word about his former boss on air. It became obvious Tuesday afternoon in his milquetoast commentary on Trump’s latest speech.

That doesn’t concern me as much as the symbolism — and reality — of a top news organization giving a cushy landing place to someone with Lewandowski’s hostile history with women and the press.

And then not explaining it to the viewing public.