Cramer’s Act Has “Gone Too Far”

By Brian 

CNBC’s Jim Cramer “has become a caricature of himself,” Jon Friedman says. He likes and respects Cramer, but says his act has “gone too far.”

“What I found disconcerting was when Cramer pulled out a box of Uncle Ben’s rice and made a mockery of the Fed — which, natch, was the whole idea. Still, this prop seemed to be way over the line.

Yes, Cramer’s schmaltzy use of bells and whistles and the like is silly and goofy — but, as I see it, ultimately harmless. On a good day, it can seem like good fun. But the bit with the rice box was preening gone amok because he so blatantly exploited Bernanke — as if the Fed chairman existed solely to be a player on Cramer’s show.” More…