Cramer “Uncomfortable Being in the Crosshairs,” Rush Tries to Help

By Chris Ariens 

CNBC’s Jim Cramer is responding to his critics in the media — from the left and right – from print, TV and radio — over his comments about the Obama administration priorities.

I’m uncomfortable being in the crosshairs of columnists and comedians I enjoy, and I find the embrace of Rush Limbaugh most certainly strange if not antithetical to many of my viewpoints.

Cramer also writes about his other “new allies” on the right:


Fred Barnes and Sean Hannity, don’t hold my left wing social view against me when they talk about my criticism of the president! I always love anyone from Fox on the team because they are fierce in their defense with much less gratuitous slamming.

On his show a short time ago, Limbaugh tried to help Cramer out, “I certainly mean this as assistance,” he said, adding:

Poor guy. His head’s about to explode…Jim Cramer is experiencing what I’ve been talking about and experiencing for two decades…Welcome to the club, Jim…For some of us Jim,
this is part of the day, this is part of our careers.

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