Cramer Is “Living A Lie,” “Former Friend” Turned ABC Producer Says

By Brian 

There’s apparently no love lost between Jim Cramer and “former friend”/GMA senior producer/soon-to-be ABC News Now EP Jessica Stedman Guff.

Stedman Guff responded to Cramer’s recent NY Mag essay with this letter to the editor:

 Jim Cramer wonders why everyone hates him. As a former friend with intimate knowledge of the creative process behind Mad Money, I can provide the answer: He is living a lie. Cramer seems to think that Mad Money sprang entirely from his brain. The real creator of Mad Money is Susan Krakower, his executive producer at CNBC. It was Krakower who convinced Cramer to leave Kudlow & Cramer to try something new and went to Jeff Zucker directly. All the freshness and groundbreaking ebullience of Mad Money was born of Cramer and Krakower’s collaboration. Krakower alone came up with the segments in Mad Money and the shtick that defined Cramer. ‘The College Tour’? Susan’s idea. No wonder Jim finds himself ‘repulsive.’

Cramer responds: “It’s true that Susan Krakower contributed to the success of ‘Mad Money.’ I thank her and many others at CNBC for helping to make the show possible…”