Covering Comcast/NBCU

By Chris Ariens 

While most of the TV news coverage on the Comcast/NBCU deal was reported on CNBC, Fox Business mentioned it throughout the day as well, including on “Happy Hour” with Cody Willard asking, “Why does an industrial company want to own a broadcast network and a bunch of news stations at all to begin with? At least News Corp. is a news and broadcast organization with Fox and stuff. GE get back to business.”

NBC Nightly News was the only big 3 broadcaster to mention the story. “The company we work for was in the news tonight,” said Brian Williams. “There are multiple reports our longtime parent company, General Electric is in talks with Comcast to merge NBC Universal and Comcast cable networks into a separate company, 51% of which would be owned by Comcast. Corporate officials at GE and Comcast declined to comment.”

And Jay Leno had his own take tonight: “The big cable system operator, Comcast, is now in talks with GE to buy NBC. Gee, I thought that cash for clunkers program was over.”