Couric’s Q: “More Well-Known” But Less Appeal

By Chris Ariens 

AdAge’s Brian Steinberg writes about CBS News’ sell of Evening News anchor Katie Couric:

“Experience You Can Trust,” under a picture of Ms. Couric, was the slogan in an ad for the CBS Evening News that ran in USA Today last week. The ad also used quotes from various newspaper and online reviews to talk about the “impressive” and “poignant” reporting on the newscast. CBS said the ad is part of the network’s regular promotion of the program.

Steinberg also talked with Henry Schafer, EVP at Marketing Evaluations, the company behind the Q score:

The way in which consumers perceive Ms. Couric has changed subtly as well. “Her negatives are higher than they were when she was at the Today show,” said Schafer. Simply put, he said, an evening newscast can polarize audiences more than a morning show. Ms. Couric commands “much more awareness than either Brian Williams or Charlie Gibson. Their appeal is a little bit stronger, but she’s far more well-known,” he said.