Couric/Edwards: “She Simply Brought Up Questions That Americans Are Thinking About”

By Brian 

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CBN News correspondent David Brody blogs:

“Did Katie Couric really do anything wrong? She’s getting a lot of flack for her questioning of John and Elizabeth Edwards on 60 Minutes last night. Many say she was too ‘insensitive’ because she kept bringing up this idea that Edwards decision to continue campaigning could be considered ‘callous.’ I think she simply brought up questions that Americans are thinking about.

In households across this country, there is a discussion between husbands and wives about what the Edwards ought to do. And many of those conversations probably turn into a personal discussion as to what a husband should do with his career if he found out that she had cancer that would never go away.

Though Couric may have been on her ‘soap box’ just a tad, i don’t fault her line of questioning…”