Couric, Williams, Cooper, Beck, Maddow Deliver Commencement Addresses

By kevin 

CBS’ Katie Couric, NBC’s Brian Williams, and other newsers all delivered addresses at university commencement ceremonies over the weekend, imparting various forms of wisdom on the graduates.

Couric, who spoke at Case Western Reserve University, urged graduates to be realistic about their first gig out of school. “A less-than dream job can help you find your dreams,” she said.

Couric also added, “Clean up your Facebook page.”


Williams placed Notre Dame students’ graduation in the context of the big challenges popping up in the news each day. (Full video here.)

FNC’s Glenn Beck emphasized the importance of faith in his address at Liberty University, and got choked up discussing the honorary degree he received from the school.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper lauded students at Tulane and their decision to attend the school in the wake of Katrina, saying “Your choice has helped this city … restart.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spoke at Smith College, advising grads, “When given the choice between fame and glory, take glory.” (Video here plus some old anecdotes from an old radio co-worker of Maddow’s whose first impression of her was as the “lanky character with the Clark Kent glasses.”)

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