Couric: We’re Kind Of Ignoring Observers “& We’re Just Doing What We Want”

By Brian 

Couric speaks! To USA Today:

> Being #1 immediately “was never an expectation by anyone at CBS News, and it shouldn’t have been an expectation by anyone in the outside world. Viewing habits are slow to turn around.”

> “We kind of ignore people who are observing everything we do and praising, criticizing or analyzing it, and we’re just doing what we want. People have to sell newspapers and take shots, but I understand that’s part of their jobs. I’m hearing incredibly positive things from people who really appreciate the fact we’re trying new things. Not everything is going to work. I knew that coming in.”

> She’s open to criticism “if it’s based on facts or from reporters who take the time to watch the program. But when they make snap judgments or do a kind of lemming-like journalism, that’s when I’m disappointed.” (Take that, Peter Bart!)

> People’s headline: “Couric Hits Back at Critics”