Couric Watch: The Cour-ometer

By Brian 

It’s David Bauder‘s turn to write a story about Katie Couric.

“Given the millions of dollars NBC’s ‘Today’ host stands to make whether she jumps to CBS News or stays, no one will take pity on her. Yet it must be an odd feeling having your life turned into a parlor game, with people in the media world and beyond wondering: will she stay or will she go?”
Bauder notes that “The New York Post is even publishing a ‘Cour-ometer,’ with the
needle Tuesday pointing strongly toward ‘Hot for CBS.'”

“Essentially, Couric must decide whether she wants to continue answering an early alarm clock for television’s most popular morning show, or try to revive moribund CBS News by becoming the first woman to solely anchor a network evening news broadcast.” Here’s the full story…