Couric Watch: King Says CBS Is “Good Idea”

By Brian 

After Larry King asked Mike Wallace if he thinks Katie Couric will move to CBS, the veteran 60 Minutes interviewer turned the tables and started asking the questions. King says he thinks Couric should anchor the CBS Evening News, but Wallace wasn’t so sure. Here’s the transcript:

  WALLACE: Is it a good idea?

KING: I think it is a good idea.


KING: Because she looks great. She’s smart. She did news, did news on the Today Show before she got that post.

WALLACE: Of course she did.

KING: And she did news on Channel 4 in Washington.

WALLACE: Does she have the gravitas that is necessary? That’s the only…

KING: She’ll learn that.


KING: You think it will be a boom for CBS to get her?

WALLACE: Everybody at CBS will have to take a cut in pay in order to.