Couric To CBS: Another Sign of Unpopularity

By Brian 

“You need to check out USA Today’s letters today,” a tipster says.

“Couric got her first job, and her most recent one, with the journalistic mettle of some girl running for Miss Teen USA. As for those in our nation who still hang on to the fraying threads of journalism, ‘Good night, and good luck,'” Stephen Conn in Cary, N.C. writes.

“Katie Couric reportedly made somewhere around $15 million annually to read a teleprompter on the Today show. How much more will she make to read the teleprompter down the street at CBS? Will she flame out as Dan Rather did? Or Bryant Gumbel, when he thought he was going to greener pastures?,” James VanTrees in Indianapolis asks.

And Bill Ford in Ocala, Fla. says NBC should “give it to Ann Curry…”