Couric, The “Nerd,” Draws New Crowd

By SteveK 

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric’s future seems to be constantly in question, but one place she has cemented a spot is the web. The Los Angeles Times’ Matea Gold writes about the Katie Couric YouTube channel, where the anchor has become “energized by the possibilities.”

“Since February, Couric has been quietly uploading videos to her own channel on YouTube,” Gold writes. “The clips — so far, 33 — display the mischievous and often hammy personality that the newscaster doesn’t get to show in her current post.”

The channel started as a response to comedian Harry Shearer and his site, which has posted several outtake videos of Couric.


“We thought, why let him put stuff out there when we can do it ourselves,” said a producer involved with the YouTube channel.

Click continued to see Couric’s most viewed video, with more than 150,000 views…