Couric Gets $110,000 For Graduation Speech (But It’s Going To Charity)

By Brian 

Saturday’s Washington Post includes this nugget about Katie Couric‘s Oklahoma commencement speech:

“Most universities settle for small-splash speakers such as state politicians or captains of local industry, but others aggressively enter the celebrity lottery. Generally this means bestowing an honorary degree and covering travel expenses, rather than paying a fee…But some offer big bucks. Katie Couric, the soon-to-be CBS anchor, will receive $110,000 to speak at the University of Oklahoma’s commencement — all paid for from private funds, the university emphasizes.”

Tim Graham is shocked. When FishBowlNY posted the $110,000 figure, Lisa Dallos, one of Katie’s reps at Freud, dashed off an e-mail to the blog. “The money Katie made for her commencment speech is going fully to charity,” she said…