Couric Covering Tornadoes: 2 Opinions

By Brian 

Two very different opinions of Katie Couric‘s Friday night broadcast from central Florida:

“Tonight’s CBS Evening News showed Katie Couric’s tremendous competence, breadth, and depth as a journalist. She was doing what she does best — talking to real people in a variety of formats — not simply stuck behind a teleprompter. During the 22 minutes, we saw her interview a pastor who had lost his church, Florida’s governor, and a weathercaster, plus file an interesting behind the scenes report of Super Bowl security… quite a day’s work. The broadcast had a sense of urgency it usally lacks and was compelling throughout… After seeing tonight’s show, let’s hope CBS execs allow her to get out in the field even more often to flex her journalistic muscle… this was the best of Katie Couric, and the best evening newscast of the night.”

“Did you get a glimpse of Katie Couric anchoring her broadcast from central Florida on Friday? She toured the death and destruction while wearing a short skirt and strappy high heels. Now I’ve always been a Katie fan, and I cringe whenever people pay more attention to her clothes instead of her news. But give me a break. A serious news person knows the importance of looking appropriate. Would Brian Williams cover a natural disaster in tassled loafers and a sport coat? Doubt it… Come on, Katie. You’re a smart lady. Figure it out. You’ve built a ‘girl next door’ image, but a REAL girl next door would throw on some jeans, roll up her sleeves, and wade through the debris — not tip-toe around it in heels.”