Couric, After Dark, At the Conventions

By Chris Ariens 

First she had her own blog, then she got her own YouTube channel, now Katie Couric is going all CNET on us. (Hey Katie, we dare you to Twitter. Oh wait, they do that too.)

Couric will anchor a live, nightly webcast during the upcoming DNC and RNC conventions that will be shown on as well as on CBS bought CNET in May for $1.8 billion dollars.

THR’s Paul J. Gough spoke with Couric and Evening News EP Rick Kaplan who will oversee the webcasts. “It’ll be a little more down to earth,” Kaplan says, “It’s on the Web so it won’t be quite so official.” Couric agrees. “Hopefully, our convention webcasts will offer and users valuable information in a fun and easily accessible way,” she tells Gough.


The 30-minute (give or take a few minutes, gotta love the Web) will begin soon after 11pmET, when the network’s nightly convention broadcasts end.

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