Couple Accuses CNN of Compromising Their Safety While Trapped in Mumbai

By Chris Ariens 

> Update – Monday, 5pm: Statement issued by the United Kingdom’s Press Association Wire Service. ADVISORY: With reference to our story TERROR India Appeal, which ran on Friday November 28 at 1750 (MEDIA PUT US AT RISK, CLAIM MUMBAI BRITONS), Press Association would like to make clear that the interviewee’s allegations that CNN broadcast details compromising her and her husband’s safety have since been clarified by the interviewee’s husband to Press Association as “not valid”.

> Update – Sunday, 4:30pm from CNN spokesman Nigel Pritchard: “This story is not true. CNN has been told by Lynne Shaw that the accusations reported to have been made by her in the UK Press Association story are not accurate. She has no issue with CNN. The alleged broadcast never happened and CNN at no time compromised her or the safety of her husband as reported.”

A Welsh couple is accusing CNN of putting their lives and the lives of western hostages at risk during the siege on Mumbai. Lynne and Kenneth Shaw, of Penarth, Wales are home safe after escaping from the Taj Hotel.

Lynne Shaw told WalesOnline, “the terrorists were watching CNN and they came down from where they were in a lift after hearing about us on television.” She added: “People talk to one another on mobile phones and that gets broadcast and the terrorists knew from that.”

A spokesman for CNN, said: “CNN has received no complaint from any individual regarding our coverage and their safety. We take such matters very seriously. We are not aware of the allegedly compromising broadcast, but even in the absence of key details such as when and where, we will continue to check.”