Cooper: ” I’m Actually One of the Least Emotional People On-Air”

By SteveK 

Anderson Cooper is profiled for the cover story of the upcoming issue of USA Weekend.

“Roving reporter, world traveler, hipster, jokester, anchorman, rich kid, loner, geek — CNN’s Anderson Cooper is a Renaissance man for a digital age,” begins reporter Monica Collins.

Collins asks Cooper about his reputation as “emo” reporter. “I think I’m actually one of the least emotional people on-air around,” he says. “If you look on any given night on the cable channels, you’ll see people yelling and screaming and talking at the top of their voice — not just guests but anchors of shows — who are outraged about things, furious about things. That seems more ’emo’ than anything.”


He also talks about what’s on his iPod (Scissor Sisters, The Killers), his DVR (Weeds, Law & Order: SVU) and if he’s a geek (“I’m a geek without skill”).

On the USA Weekend Who’s News Blog, some of Cooper’s answers that aren’t used in the piece are posted. Click continued for his thoughts on Meet the Press and his favorite newspaper…

On the Who’s News Blog, there are behind-the-scenes pics of Cooper and more of the Q&A.

About moderating Meet the Press:

I wouldn’t even be considered for that job. I like doing a variety of things. I like being able to travel. I like being able to go to stories. So any show limited to one kind of thing, I don’t think I would be interested in.

About his favorite newspapers:

Well, I grew up reading The New York Times. And the Wall Street Journal I like a lot. I think it’s a fantastic newspaper and getting better. I’m not interested in what some editorial board thinks — just the same as I’m not very interested in what some television anchor thinks of a political subject. I’m interested in information and facts, and I think all of us are smart enough to make up our own minds.