Coming Soon: Larry King’s Def Comedy Jam?

By Alex Weprin 

December 16 will mark the final original nightly installment of “Larry King Live,” and with it, the end of an era.

While Larry King may be leaving his 9 PM perch, he will still have plenty to keep busy. In addition to his four annual specials for CNN, King has been rumored to be in talks for a new radio show, and now New York magazine reports that he wants to do… a stand-up comedy tour?

And he’s sifting through professional offers. “I’ve got a lot of people talking to me,” he says. “I might do Internet stuff.” One definite project is a comedy tour. “I’m funny,” says King. “I’m going to do stand-up. That’s what I love.”


While King’s stand-up comedy chops may be untested, he certainly has the right connections. King is known to be close to the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” Jerry Seinfeld, and his former regular fill-in turned HLN competitor Joy Behar.

Update: Video of Larry King doing stand-up–spotted in C-SPAN’s epically comprehensive video library–is after the jump.

Would you pay to watch Larry King and friends do stand-up comedy? Let us know in the comments.

Check out video of King doing stand up at the C-SPAN website, here.